Chasing the Sky

Each year, from May to August, the North Sea island of Texel becomes the destination of a pilgrimage for aficionados from around the world. With low tide, the waters recede to expose the vast wetland of the wadden sea where myriads of crustaceans bury themselves in the sand. They are the reason, why birds flock to the island to build large colonies and raise their offspring. Usually, their life is locked away from the human eye. Always living at the edge of flight in a distance far away from us, we can only dream about the ecstasy of launching upwards to the sky, when the siren call of a place beyond reaches our heart. In August, when the breeding season is over, the call turns into a vicious craving. A longing for the distance and space of a faraway world. Then, they rise to colonize the sky. What starts with coltish flights of display – a show of will and determination by single individuals soon turns into a pilgrimage of the millions and thousands. And when they finally leave the shores of the island, they will have cast away all doubts and broken the chains of a known tomorrow.